Faculty of CWCU
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LIU Niancai  Professor & Director
world-class universities and research universities, university evaluation and academic ranking, research evaluation and science policy, globalization and internationalization of higher education
ZHAO Wenhua  Ph.D., Professor
science and technology policy, modern university system
LIU Li  Ph.D., Associate Professor, Assistant Director
research evaluation and policy, higher education evaluation and policy
FENG Zhuolin  Ph.D., Associate Professor, Assistant Director
world-class universities and research universities, higher education and organizational leadership, higher education policy
CHENG Ying  Ph.D., Associate Professor
university and subject ranking, performance evaluation in higher education, strategic management of subject development
YANG Xi  Ph.D., Associate Professor
higher education finance, world-class universities and regional development, science and technology talents
CHEN Liyuan  Ph.D., Assistant Professor
sociology of education, transnational higher education, world-class universities and knowledge producation
WU Yan  Assistant Professor
empirical studies of world-class universities, university rankings, evaluation of universities
WU Xian  Postdoctoral Fellow
internationalization of higher education, academic profession, world-class universities