Visiting Scholars & Students

The Graduate School of Education (GSE) welcomes requests for visiting affiliations by both scholars and students for sojourns of time between two months up to one academic year.



Visiting students and scholars are encouraged to fully participate in the creative and intellectual community of the School, and are asked to deliver at least one guest lecture (and/or provide a similar contribution to the community). Those who remain for more than one semester will be asked to deliver one guest lecture (and/or similar contribution to the community) per semester.



(1) It is important to understand that applicants must secure funding for accommodation, traveling and living expenses for the period of their proposed visit, with no financial support from the GSE.

(2) Please note the university is closed during summer and winter break. Check the SJTU calender before making your plan.

(3) Submit the request at any time but with significant advance notice.

Application process

The process for applying for visiting status requires potential applicants to: 

(1) contact a host professor. Please check the faculty directory;

(2) send an email to the Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Yuhao Cen (; copy the email to your host professor;

(3) include a letter of interest, stating the desired dates of the sojourn, the rationale for visiting, the proposed project, the name of the host professor, and a description of the ways in which the scholar believes he/she can contribute to the intellectual life of the GSE community;

(4) include a current CV.


The applications will be passed to the Committee on Graduate Education at GSE for further review. If admitted, visiting students will be directed to go through the university system to obtain invitation letters. The secretary of the Committee will help with other practical matters.