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Improving the state of education worldwide takes committed and competitive leaders in education research, policy and practice. At GSE, we will prepare you for academic and professional careers, from working in higher education and K-12 education to positions in government, corporate environments, and international organizations. You will work with widely known faculty members, practitioners, and policymakers to acquire the knowledge, skills, competencies, and ethics required for exemplary practices in 21st century postsecondary educational institutions and other settings. The GSE graduate programs will provide you with experiences that combine theories and cutting-edge research along with hands-on experience through graduate assistantship. GSE is a community committed to sharing values of excellence, diversity and equity, and the responsibility lies with all of our students, faculty and staff. 

Both the master's program and the doctoral program are Chinese-taught. International students must be proficient in the Chinese language to apply for and to complete the degree programs.  

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